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Connecting to, and configuring, a 2626 switch

Paul Munro_1
Occasional Contributor

Connecting to, and configuring, a 2626 switch


We have gotten ourselves some nice new 2626 switches, and want to look at the CLI options for configuring them (like assigning an IP address and password etc). We would also like to manage these (albeit in a limited way) via web interface across the LAN.

My question is: how can we look at the CLI? I know that the manual talks of Telnet, and my usual Telnet application is PuTTYTel. Having connected to the switch from a laptop via the console cable, and firing up PuTTY, I get nothing. I'm assuming that to do this I would need an IP address to Telnet to--but I thought the whole point of actually connecting to the switch was to assign that IP address?

Could one of you grand luminaries enlighten a junior IT guy with the knowledge on how to make a CLI connection in this example?

Many thanks!

Les Ligetfalvy
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Connecting to, and configuring, a 2626 switch

Connect at the console and give the switch an IP and authorize a manager IP. Then you can telnet in.

Re: Connecting to, and configuring, a 2626 switch

HI Paul,

Assumed that the switch is not connected to a network while connected to the laptop .An ip address may be assigned to the switch by AutoIP Addressing in standalone mode. Make sure the ip address of your laptop is in the same class and try to connect it again .

Hope it will work without any trouble .