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Connecting two small switches (1800 with a 1400)

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Connecting two small switches (1800 with a 1400)

Hi all,

I have an 1800-8G that Ive been running for a year with no issue. I have not set anything up on the switch other than enabling jumbo packets.

At the end of the run on port 6 I had a single device that had been working fine. I attempted to add a 1400-8G to add additional connections and ran the lan cable into the new switch instead of the device. But plugging that hot line into the 1400 gives me no link. It appears dead. The line tests successfully with a lan tester, and any single device works but the new switch wont link.

So Im missing something - either I switching something on the 1800 that I didnt mean to or perhaps my 1400 is DOA? It appears to work/link with devices plugged directly into it - just no link/response when connected with the other switch.

What am I missing?


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Re: Connecting two small switches (1800 with a 1400)

Maybe there is a protocol is blocking the link.
connect the cable and then log into the GUI for the 1800 switch and check these :
-Web â Click Trunks, LACP Status.

If it shows active on the port connects to the 1400 switch then go to Web â Click Trunks, LACP Setup. and uncheck the LACP for that port. if not then go to the next step.

- check Web - Click System, Information. and check the status of the port (speed/duplex, link status, Auto-nogotiaion, PVID(vlan)

-For extra checking connect the switch to other port and check, also what kind of cable are you using is it straight through or cross-over ? MAybe MDIX is diabled.

Check all of the above and let me know the status


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Re: Connecting two small switches (1800 with a 1400)

Hi Shadow,

Thanks for the reply. I got sidetracked with work for a couple months, but Im back to figuring out this problem

On the 1800 I opened the status page. Port 6 on the 1800 has link status of Up when the device is plugged in. When I unplug at the device and connect to port 1 of the 1400 I get no link, and the 1800 reports the link down.

Other settings on the 1800 for this port:
- Type: 10/100/1000-T
- Speed/Duplex Status: Auto
- Flow Control Status: Disabled
- Auto-negotiation: Enabled
- Frame Type: All
- PVID: 1

I have no active trunks configured. I believe the cable is a straight through - but there are no apparent MDIX settings so I thought that wouldnt matter.

Any other ideas?

Thanks for the help and sorry for the delay!