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Consolidate Multiple Default Gateways?

Justin Grote
Occasional Advisor

Consolidate Multiple Default Gateways?


I'm going into an environment where they have about 8 routers and switches that I'll be consolidating to one 5406zl layer 3 switch and 1 Cisco ASA firewall using VLANs and Inter-VLAN routing.

Their environment had multiple default gateways in the same subnet (don't ask). I'll consolidate those all together, however with Cisco Catalyst traditionally I would do IP address x.x.x.x secondary to bind the additional default gateways to the same switch. However, with Procurves I cannot do this, they only allow one IP address per subnet.

Reconfiguring the gateway on all the clients is undesirable due to the downtime required for the changeover. Is there any other way I can have these other Ip addresses point to the Coreswitch? I'm open for anything, even like a temporary Linux server or something that listens on the IP addresses and issues ICMP redirects.

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Re: Consolidate Multiple Default Gateways?

Why can't you just change the DHCP scope and tell the customers to restart their PCs to get the new scope once you've got the new gateway up and running?

Updating device configs is just an ugly-truth about replacing such a fundamental infrastructure component. Don't forget to note the mac-addresses of all the printers and other devices so you can make sure they get the correct IP addresses assigned via reservation.