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Core Switch Request time out

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Core Switch Request time out

We have two HP2650 Switch(Interconnected)which is a core switch,where 6 Servers are connected to this core switch.More than 7 uplinks are connected to this switch which comes from different departments thro fibre and UTP .This setup was working fine.Now all of sudden all the client PCs gets disconnected from the network.I took my laptop assigned a static IP and connected directly to the HP2650(core Switch) and Continiously pinged the IP adress of the core switch .It pings but gives lots of Request time out in between.I suspected the HP2650 to be faulty and replaced the both with new ones.Its the same. I would really appreciate for any replies

Many Thanks
Matt Hobbs
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Re: Core Switch Request time out

Are you using this 2650 as router too? As a router, the 2650's performance can suffer if there are more than 128 hosts on the network.

What is the CPU utilisation of the switch? These switches do treat ICMP traffic as a low priority so if the CPU usage is high, ICMP requests may not always get responded to.

How is the port utilisation? Is spanning-tree enabled? (maybe there is a loop in the network).