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Correct me please - tagg untagg

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Correct me please - tagg untagg

So I'm trying to make sure i have grasped the whole tagging / untagginf thing...

If I have two procurves A and B

A Ports 1-24 are UNTAGGED VLAN10
A Ports 25-47 are UNTAGGED VLAN 20
A Port 48 is TAGGED VLAN 10 VLAN 20

B Ports 1-24 are UNTAGGED VLAN10
B Ports 25-47 are UNTAGGED VLAN20
B Port 48 is TAGGED VLAN10 VLAN20


I untagged because it's a computer? Correct? A computer doesnt knw if it is vlan10 or vlan20...
Is that assumption right?

The reason i TAGG B48 and A48 is becuse they need to talk to both ports and they are connected to eachother (not to a computer...) Is that a correct assumption?

Is it safe to assume that:

1- if the port will only have a pc then untag it with the vlan you want it to participate in

2- If a port will be a link to another switch that contains multiple vlan's that port (a48 b48) will be TAGGED as those vlans (becuase it, unlike a pc, can read vlan id's)

Once I have this figure out I have a rather complex design i need soem help with.

Thanks guy's!

Mohieddin Kharnoub
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Re: Correct me please - tagg untagg


1- Untagg for a PC is correct.

2- Tag uplinks between both switches is also correct .

Lets now help you in your complex design :)

Good Luck !!!
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Re: Correct me please - tagg untagg


10.3.x.x/16 network right now

needs to be broke down to 6-8 vlans
we'll call them vlan10 vlan20 vlan30 vlan40 vlan50 vlan60 vlan70

I have the following hardware
2 - 5400zl - core
2 - 2900 - mid core
15 - 2650 (might be 2848) - edge?

so on top we have 2 5400
then 2 2900
and 5 stacks of 3 each 2650

Workstations will be on the bottom stacks of course...

Critical servers should be on the core or just below

Clear as mud?

So forgive me as a make a huge mess here...

Each stack of 3 switches will be a vlan

So stack one might be
All* ports will be untagged vlan10

^^^ this is the same for each stack of 3

now I'm confused

I have 2 more layers up, the mid and core

I guess i need soemone who's done this before to make recommendations

I DONT want all the vlan'stalking (of course)But the servers need to, and the servers need to talk the the clients etc...


I MUST HAVE redundancy... between the core and mid core and down to the edge...

I was told to do a meshed with costing? on part of the network and trunking from the "3 stacks"

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Re: Correct me please - tagg untagg

______ ______
|_____|====|_____| 5400's v200
..........||...\ /...||
_||___/ \..__||_
|_____|====|_____| 2900's v100

_____ _____ _____ _____ _____
|____| |____| |____| |____| |____|

_____ _____ _____ _____ _____
|____| |____| |____| |____| |____|

_____ _____ _____ _____ _____
|____| |____| |____| |____| |____|
2650 2650 2650 2650 2650
v10 v20 v30 v40 v50

How (cabling) should i connect this...
Do i take cat5 and jump from one to the other and then to the core, or go from each switch (2650) to the core...(2900's)
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Re: Correct me please - tagg untagg

View the attatchment for the proposed structure

Please advise your ideal situation, both vlan, ip and cabling

both the 2900's and the 5400's will be 10gig connections

See above post for ip and vlan scheme (proposed)

I'm off to bed i'll check tomorrow morning