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Crash Problems on HP 2524 Procurve

Ryan Snyder
Occasional Visitor

Crash Problems on HP 2524 Procurve


I have two situations where I have >6
(not >=6) Procurve 2524 switches stacked with the Gitabit Stacking kits and all have the latest firmware (5.09).

My problem is that when I manage the stacked switches via the web (with the IP of the commander), I get the following crash information at random intervals -=or=- when I press the "refresh" button in my browser:

System went down: 10/08/02 09:06:24
Saved crash information:
Bus error: HW Addr=0x00000000 IP=0x001a261c Task='mHttpCtrl' Task ID=0xd09a9c
fp:0x00d09940 sp:0x00d09924 lr:0x001a2038 cpsr:0xa0000013

I called HP and they said I have to wait until January for a fix.

I have also included the "show-tech" log file if anyone can make sense of it.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
Arimo Laine_2
Valued Contributor

Re: Crash Problems on HP 2524 Procurve


Seems like your switch chassis has a problem... you can try to set it to factory defaults by

1. press Reset and Clear simultaneoustly

2. Release Reset

3. When Self Test blinks, release clear.

If this doesn't help, call HP support for replacement.
Ryan Snyder
Occasional Visitor

Re: Crash Problems on HP 2524 Procurve

Actually, I called HP support when I noticed the problem. We ordered about 43 of these switches and I tried (with Tech Support) to reset them and also setup a new switch.

Recently I've been able to duplicate this problem on 4 different stacks of switches.

I guess I just have to wait for HP to release a fix.

Thanks for the reply.