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Creating an isolated network

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Jorge Cocomess
Super Advisor

Creating an isolated network


I need to setup a vlan for 4 server with 4 PCs - These servers and PCs does need to talk to each other, but does not need to be on our domain. These servers and PCs will be on thier own workgroup.

My question is, do I give these servers/PCs a non-routable IP address, such as ? or it doesn't matter? I like to isolate the traffic between these devices.

Please give me some pointers on this matter.

Thank you in advance.

Jonathan Axford
Trusted Contributor

Re: Creating an isolated network

Do they need to be COMPLETELY isolated or will you still need to get Internet access etc. through the main network?
If not, then why not place them on there own switch?

It depends how the main network is set up as to what IP range to apply to this VLAN and also how IP routing is set up. If you don't want other subnets to be able to see the new VLAN make sure they have no way of finding a route to it, so don't add the network to any dynamic routing process and don;t add any static routes to it.

If you send a bit more info on teh rest of the setup i am sure there are plenty of people here who will be able to help!

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