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DBCP request interval on 2600 series

DBCP request interval on 2600 series


“If the switch is initially configured for DHCP/Bootp operation (the default), or if it is rebooted with this configuration, it immediately begins sending request packets on the network. If the switch does not receive a reply to its DHCP/Bootp requests, it continues to periodically send request packets, but with decreasing frequency.”

Does anybody know how does the DHCP Client would react if there is no DHCP server available?

How long does the DHCP server continue asking for a lease?

Wat is the specification of the decrease mentioned for requesting a lease, does it stop at a certain point?

Any info would be helpful.
Mohieddin Kharnoub
Honored Contributor

Re: DBCP request interval on 2600 series


I use this feature to capture a switch in a certain place and push a configuration file to it.

So from my experience, it will start sending DHCP requests periodically (in Seconds interval), then after some minutes (i guess 2 minutes) the interval will be a minute, and it increases also by the time.

Also i noticed that after a long time, it keeps sending DHCP requests even its in a long interval until it gets an IP (but i can't imagine it will do that for ever).

Good Luck !!!
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