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DHCP Issue in 5412 & 2510


DHCP Issue in 5412 & 2510

Hi All,

Can any one help me in the forum

1. 5412 is core switch and configured 10 Vlans (floor wise).

2. 2510 is edge switch and configured stacking

each floor

one commander
two member switch

3. ip helper address given all the vlans in the core switch.

4. ip routing is enabled for intervlan communication.

5. latest firmware Upgraded all the switches.

The problem is if i create a one more vlan in the core and edge I am not getting ip from DHCP server.

configured ip helper address for all the vlans.

7. When other vlans are getting ip from DHCP server the new vlan also should get the ip.

8. Troubleshooting done.

5412(config)#max-vlan 2048

But after this i have not rebooted the core switch.

9. but if i give sh vlan its showing me 2048 vlans supported.

10.I am able to ping DHCP server ip address from my Edge switch.

11.I am able to ping my new vlan gateway .

12.I am able to ping all the vlans


1. Do i need to reboot the switch ??

2. if i reboot my core switch spanning tree topology count will change ?

3. all other stacking switch will get affect by changing themself as root switch ?? (priority 8) core priority is 0

4. will broadcast happen ?

5. Do i need to enable dhcp relay in the core or edge switches ?

6. Do i need to give the following command 5412(config)#ip udp broadcast ??

7. Do i need make any config changes in the edge switch ?