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DHCP-Relay with two ProCurve 5308XL

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Carsten Reinhard
Frequent Advisor

DHCP-Relay with two ProCurve 5308XL


I'm using two ProCurve 5308XL with XRRP enabled and two VLANs. Both VLANs have their own DHCP. DHCP-relaying is disabled.

Now, I want to turn of the DHCP in the second VLAN and use DHCP-relaying instead. Therefore on the first core switch I've enabled the DHCP-relaying and created an IP-helper-entry in VLAN 2 pointing to the DHCP-server in VLAN 1. So far so good.

To have a redundant solution, I want to do the same for the second core switch. I found an advisory from Microsoft to work with timeouts/delays to prevent DHCP-packet-flooding. But I can't find any configuration options on the switches to delay the relaying.

Is it allowed to do this relaying with two switches at the same time?

Is it needed/possible to delay the relaying?


Matt Hobbs
Honored Contributor

Re: DHCP-Relay with two ProCurve 5308XL

From what I'm aware you can't set a delay option, but I have seen many successful setups without it.

If you do a packet trace on your DHCP server and watch the two helpers request an address for the same client, it seems to take a little bit longer but it seems to figure itself out.

It's not the most efficient but it should work.
Mohieddin Kharnoub
Honored Contributor

Re: DHCP-Relay with two ProCurve 5308XL


What if the first core goes down. how can Vlan2 cleints know where to go to get an IP ?

What i believe is , enabling Spanning tree with planned priority seetings to block some ports from edge switches to second core, and all vlans knows how to reach the dhcp server on both cores is best practise here.

Good Luck !!!
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Carsten Reinhard
Frequent Advisor

Re: DHCP-Relay with two ProCurve 5308XL


thanks, I will try it with DHCP-Relay on both cores enabled.

Carsten Reinhard
Frequent Advisor

Re: DHCP-Relay with two ProCurve 5308XL