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DHCP and TFTP of configs

Chris Stave

DHCP and TFTP of configs

Though the documentation for the 2600s gives an example for a bootptab, information on using dhcp to specify a tftp server from which to download a configuration seems hard to come by. Does anyone know which dhcp settings are used to specify a tftp server and filename?

from looking at "show logging" it appears that after obtaining an address the switch attempts a tftp connection to the dhcp server, but I would like to be able to specify a tftp server.

I'm using ISC DHCPD and have tried adding the following to the dhcpd.conf file:

server-name "";
option option-150;
option tftp-server-name "";

(I've previously defined option 150 as
option option-150 code 150 = ip-address; )

I've also tried two methods of specifying the filename:

option bootfile-name "/tesxt.txt";
filename "/tesssst.txt";

I've assigned an ip address in the host definition, and that goes through and gets assigned correctly, what am I missing?
Rob Leadbeater
Honored Contributor

Re: DHCP and TFTP of configs


I'm no expert on DHCP but looking at this list of options:


TFTP server name could be option 66 or 150. I'm guessing probably 66 - although it would appear that you've already tried server-name...

Maybe things are case sensitive...

You could try:


Hope this helps,