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DHCP and procurve 2524 switches


DHCP and procurve 2524 switches

Hi everyone,

I have a DC which services about 240 clients so I'm running out of DHCP leases.

There are approximately 10 procurve 2524 switches in the building services 5 floors.

What is the best way to migrate from the existing DHCP scope to the new 10.x.y.z scopes that offer more subnets/hosts.

Mohieddin Kharnoub
Honored Contributor

Re: DHCP and procurve 2524 switches


Sounds like this thread needs to be in Microsoft area :)

Anyway, in case you have a flat network and one DHCP with /24 subnet serving it,

And now you are thinking to migrate to a bigger subnet, i think its the right time to reconsider your flat network especially if you have more than 100 end device connected to it.

Just reconsider subnet your network with smaller subnet slices of Vlans, and you can do that based on the functionality of the location or ....

At the end you will add a flavor of Security, Network performance enhancement, QoS if required, network efficiency and more....

Basically if you stayed with one Vlan, and one DHCP scope,
so you have to choose the correct time when everybody asleep, and create your new DHCP scope with bigger subnet in your DHCP server, and disable the existing one then enable the new one, and do the test.

From the switches side, since no Vlans exist you don't have to do any changes.

Good Luck !!!

Science for Everyone

Re: DHCP and procurve 2524 switches

Thanks for the reply.

Will the following work:

Create an additional vlan on each switch

define ip helper_address for new 10.x.y.z subnet in this vlan

Gradually migrate each client to the new vlan.