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DHCP on Procurve 224M

Bruce Ordway_1
Occasional Contributor

DHCP on Procurve 224M


Later in the week I started getting IP conflicts on my network.

I suspected the switch.

Just wondering, if/when the 224M acts as a DHCP server.

I had temporarily assiged an IP addresss and used my old HP 224M Switch on my lan. The web interface is nicer than hyperterminal.
I shortly thereafter disabled the IP address.

I have done some investigation of the switch.
I do not see any DHCP server settings when I telnet into the switch now.
I hook a laptop up to it and it does not recieve an address now.


Bruce Ordway

Matt Hobbs
Honored Contributor

Re: DHCP on Procurve 224M

The 224M does not have a DHCP server feature. It can get an IP address for itself from another DHCP server, but that's all.
Valued Contributor

Re: DHCP on Procurve 224M

Are there any switches in the Procurve line that has a DHCP server included?
Matt Hobbs
Honored Contributor

Re: DHCP on Procurve 224M

Nope, just the 7000dl I believe. (More of a traditional router).