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DHCP relay on 2910al

Nik Timmermans
Occasional Visitor

DHCP relay on 2910al

Hi guys,

I am using the HP Procurve 2910al with several VLAN's. The DHCP server and the client are in different VLAN's. To relay the DHCP request for IPv4, I use the ip-helper address. How do I relay the IPv6 request when I am using DHCPv6 on the same DHCP server? I have configured each VLAN on the 2910al and the DHCP server with both link-local and unique-local addresses.

Jeff Carrell
Honored Contributor

Re: DHCP relay on 2910al

At this time, IPv6 routing support is only available on the ProVision ASIC family of switches (3500,5400,6200,6600,8200) with K.15 code.

At this time, the 2910 can be an IPv6 client, but not an IPv6 router.