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DSCP on ProCurve 2900 / 2600 series

Steven Hewitt
Occasional Contributor

DSCP on ProCurve 2900 / 2600 series

Hi Guys,

I'm struggling to get my head around some basic concepts of DSCP.

About to implement VOIP, which obviously I'll want running over a seperate VLAN. This is all setup - no problem.

However the only two non-ProCurve switches in our network don't support 802.1p which means I'm going to have to use DSCP - which I've never done before.

Can some explain how I can have Expedited Forwarding (101110 I think) on all packets that are tagged with a particular VLAN?

I don't understand how I can assigned EF into the ToS field of all packets based on their VLAN ID, and even if I do - does the ProCurve automatically support DSCP codepoint 101110 out of the box or do I need to do some remapping?


Pieter 't Hart
Honored Contributor

Re: DSCP on ProCurve 2900 / 2600 series

there is a default mapping see "show qos dscp-map".

does the attached screenshot from the "advanced traffic management guide" help?