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Default Routing on HP Procurve 5308xl Version E.10.37

Christopher Harrington
Occasional Visitor

Default Routing on HP Procurve 5308xl Version E.10.37

Strange Issue: When I try to do a tracert between one of the Vlans and something that requires our primary internet connection, I see the "gateway" for the VLAN I'm on, but none of the other hops from there to the primary outbound gateway. If I tracert to an IP on the subnet that the defulat outbound route is on, I see the 2 hops (1 for the switch, and 1 to the server).

Currently in use is a 5308 and a 4108. IP routing is enabled on the 5308, and it handles 7 VLans through that switch, and uses OSPF to advertise to a Juniper Net50 firewall that is the default out.

All standard inbound/outbound Web based traffic is working on the other subnets. All traffic internal to the network is also working. There is a caveat. 2 of the other subnets have their own outbound gateways, but those are not listed in any of the static routes on the switch.

Any thoughts would be appreciated. The only thing I can figure is that the tracert packet is getting "lost," which might be why one of the other services we're trying (Remote Desktop) isn't working right from internal to external networks. The strange part of the RDP thing is that it works fine if you are on the same subnet as the default gateway, but nowhere else.
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Re: Default Routing on HP Procurve 5308xl Version E.10.37

A sketch of the setup should be most helpful. Seems that you don't have a route back.
Christopher Harrington
Occasional Visitor

Re: Default Routing on HP Procurve 5308xl Version E.10.37

"Ascii" Sketch

Firewall (100MB) - 5308 -(4GB Trunk)- 4108

FW = x.x.1.1
5308 = x.x.1.3, x.x.5.1
4108 = x.x.1.5, x.x.5.2
Machine trying to tracert from = x.x.5.150

Subnet = 24 Bit
IP Routing is on
OSPF is on
Routing tables are clean.
IP Helper is on and = x.x.1.41 without any issues.
Trace from FW to machine is clean with the 1.3 hop before the 5.150 hop.
Trace from Machine to FW is clean with 5.1 as hop before 1.1.

If a show run might help, let me know and I'll dump it in, once its edited for internal names, etc.