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Deleting VLAN on 2524 and 2848 switch

David Davis_12
Occasional Contributor

Deleting VLAN on 2524 and 2848 switch

I would like to change vlans that I have enabled on a switch, I would like to change, for example vlans 10 & 20 using ports 1-5 untagged for vlan 10 and ports 6-10 untagged for vlan 20. Both vlans are tagged on ports 25. I seem unable to delete any vlans I have created on any of the 2848 or 2524 switchs in our company. I have tried via the web interface and telnet. I telnet into the switch and into the menu interface. I first try to assign ports of a vlan to no from tagged or untagged. The changes will not save. In the web interface I attempt to change a port, in say... vlan 10 from untagged to no. I click on apply and the message: " An error was encountered while attempting to set your configuration. Configuration was modified."
I'm sure I'm missing something simple.
Kell van Daal
Respected Contributor

Re: Deleting VLAN on 2524 and 2848 switch

Hi David,

A port allways needs to be a member of a VLAN. I'm guessing you are removing the ports from their only VLAN. So make sure they are member of another VLAN first.
With CLI for example:

switch(config)#vlan 1 untagged 1-10,25
switch(config)#no vlan 10
switch(config)#no vlan 20

With the web or menu interface, just make sure the ports are member of a VLAN that won't be deleted.

Hope this helps,

David Davis_12
Occasional Contributor

Re: Deleting VLAN on 2524 and 2848 switch

Thanks, I'll give it a try.
Occasional Visitor

Re: Deleting VLAN on 2524 and 2848 switch


I got the same issue,
I have assigned port 1-4 untagged for vlan 20, after that I want to change to 1-2 ports only, but couldn't, it reports the same above error.

To resolve over GUI, click modify of DEFAULT_VLAN, select port 3 and 4 (in my case) and change mode as Untagged.
Click apply,

Now I can see untagged ports on VLAN 20 are 1 - 2 only. To modify untag ports on any vlan, go to DEFAULT_VLAN->modify->select Ports->Untagged->apply.

Try it.