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Deleting encrypted snmp community in 9308

Frequent Advisor

Deleting encrypted snmp community in 9308

Hi all,
In the 9308m the snmp-server community string is automatically encrypted. Now, however I forgot the community name, and thus is unable to remove it.
Does anyone know how i can solve this problem?

Best regards,
Guillermo Azcárraga
Occasional Advisor

Re: Deleting encrypted snmp community in 9308

You can remove the snmp community using the web interface available on the 9300.
In order to access the web interface you need a snmp community, since you dont remember yours simply add a new one.
"snmp-server commmunity rw"
after this open a web connection to your switch, the user is "set" and the password the string you selected before.
From the main screen select
-> management
and then
-> comunity string
You will see the community you just added and the one you had before, you will also have the option to delete any of the two (if you delete the one you used to log on to the web the switch will disconnect you).
Hope this helps