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Design Questions - MSTP, VRRP, etc

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Design Questions - MSTP, VRRP, etc

I have a mix of old and new HP switches including a 3400cl, a 3500yl, a pair of 4000M's, and a 2626. I am unsure of the best way/method of putting them all together for a completely redundant failover network.

Currently the 3400 is functioning as the core switch and has multiple port-based vlans configured on it. I am using ip routing in the switch to route between some of the vlans. The 4000M's are primarily connected to user workstations, and the 3400 and 3500 will be connected to servers.

My initial thought was to use the 3400 and 3500 as core switches and employ MSTP, however the 4000M's do not support MSTP and my impression is that regular STP is a bit slow in recovering from a failure. I would like a faster recovery time since the 3400 & 3500 will have an iSCSI SAN attached to them.

I have a single firewall/router that is the gateway to the internet. At present, most workstations are pointed at it as their default route. I was thinking to use VRRP and point these workstations at the 3400/3500 ip's, however with ip routing enabled, the switches ignore their default gateway and thus a workstation would not be able to get to the internet.

Any help is much appreciated. Thanks in advance. Please let me know if i need to clarify anything else.
Carsten M
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Re: Design Questions - MSTP, VRRP, etc

Hi JoeIB

Many problems!!
to Spanning Tree - recovering from a failure:
-MSTP is backupcompatible to STP, should be work
-on older switches with stp, test the option of rstp. Important is the correct configuration of the userports (fastspan or spantree off) and uplink ports
to routing:
-the 3400cl works wirh xrrp
-the 3500yl works with vrrp
vrrp an xrrp are not works together