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Design of WAN

Aniruddha Godbole
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Design of WAN

Case Study ??? WAN Network Design

ABC Retail Technologies Ltd. is a company involved in stocking and retailing of textile products, particularly Readymade Garments and Cloth. It belongs to the FMCG industry segment. ABC Retail Technologies has various regional sales offices, shops, and warehouses across India in a number of cities. Its Corporate Office is located at Mumbai. Currently, all these offices operate independent of each other. The stocktaking and auditing activities are done separately within each region. This has resulted in inefficient stock distribution. Many times, stock was exhausted in a few warehouses, and fresh orders were issued for new stock of similar type. However, at other locations, the stock was lying unused for long periods and as such this has caused a loss to the organization. Hence, it was decided that there should be a centralized manner of managing the Inventory to prevent further losses. SAP, which is an ERP package has to be implemented across the organization. The SAP database will be centrally located at Corporate Office and accessed from the different locations.

Further, to increase communication between various offices and reduce the overall cost of communication, it was decided to provide email services to all locations of ABC. The Regional Offices and Corporate Office are also to be provided with Video Conferencing facility for use by the Directors or senior officers of ABC.

ABC has also realized the importance of e-Business and has developed a website for online selling of its products. Currently this website is hosted by a third party. ABC wishes to move this site onto its own location, which will enable ease of management and greater security. Along with this, ABC also wishes to provide Internet connectivity for Regional Offices.

In view of the above requirements, ABC has taken a decision to connect all its offices on a Wide Area Network. An Intranet will have to be designed for the organization keeping the requirements of the users in mind. Adequate bandwidth must be provided on WAN to cater to the requirements of various applications that the employees will access. The Intranet must also prove to be a cost-effective solution, which will help the company increase its profits in the long run.

The list of locations of ABC Retail Technologies Ltd. is as follows:

Western Region
1. Corporate Office (HO) ??? Mumbai
2. Regional Office (West) ??? Mumbai
(This is located in the same building as the Corporate Office but on the lower floor)
3. Shop A ??? Mumbai
4. Shop B ??? Mumbai
5. Shop C ??? Pune
6. Warehouse ??? Mumbai

Northern Region
1. Regional Office (North) ??? Delhi
2. Shop A ??? Delhi
3. Shop B ??? Gurgaon
4. Shop C ??? Noida
5. Shop D ??? Ludhiana
6. Warehouse A ??? Delhi
7. Warehouse B ??? Ludhiana

Southern Region
1. Regional Office (South) ??? Bangalore
2. Shop A ??? Bangalore
3. Shop B ??? Chennai
4. Shop C ??? Cochin
5. Shop D ??? Hyderabad
6. Warehouse ??? Bangalore
7. Warehouse ??? Chennai

Kindly Guide Me With Your Design Ideas!!!
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Re: Design of WAN


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