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Device connected to switch by port

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Darren Etheridge_2
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Device connected to switch by port

Is there a way in Procurve Manager 3 to find out what device is connected to a specific port on a HP switch? I thought there was an option in PCM 2 to map all devices connected to a HP switch. Thanks!!
Steve Britt
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Re: Device connected to switch by port


There doesn't seem to be a report that you can use for this, but if you right-mouse on the networking device you want to know this for in the PCM tree you can use the "Port Classification" menu selection to launch a separate "Port Classification Dialog" window. This window will show the IP and/or MAC of the device connected to each port in the "Remote IP" and "Remote MAC" columns. Unfortunately there does not seem to be a friendly way to generate an on-demand printout of the dialog but at least you can see the information on screen.