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Device unreachable in PCM B.02.322

Marcus J
Frequent Advisor

Device unreachable in PCM B.02.322


When a device becomes unreachable is does not send an show up as an event!!!
I can clearly see that the device is unreachable in "device status tab".
If no event is created, no alarms could be emailed.
So how do you guys get PCM to report device unreachable?
J Vesterdahl
Regular Advisor

Re: Device unreachable in PCM B.02.322

Most of the time, my switches are indeed reachable, although PCM frequently reports them unreachable or warns that they may be soon.
I never get any events about it, though, except for the rare occasions when they really are unreachable, in which case they disappear from the network and some other switch reports link down.

Have you tried telnetting to one of your devices while they are unreachable? They might still be up ...
There is always one more bug ...