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Re: Dial Up & Access

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Steven Chen_1
Super Advisor

Dial Up & Access


I have questions about modem dial up and system access via telephone line. I have external modem set up on L server and connected with phone line, but puzzle to get in. I have tried:

1) windows dial-up connection, using 7/even/1 for slip connection. I see it being connected, but how to access from this point?


2) windows hyper terminal connection, using 7/even/1 or 8/none/1 to connect. Can see at to OK echo, but how to get into system to check?

How do people set up their modem dial-up access? Do I have to set up any rlogin or something else?

Will be very appreciated for any help.


Ron Kinner
Honored Contributor

Re: Dial Up & Access

SLIP forms a TCP/IP connection. Once the connection is formed then you can use ping, traceroute (tracert on window boxes)telnet, ftp or even perhaps Internet Explorer or X windows over the connection. Of course this all depends on your L server supporting these connections.

netstat -a | grep LISTEN

on the L will show you what connections it is willing to make.

Sounds like this is more an HPUX admin issue so I would post further questions in the HPUX forum.