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Disconnecting sessions

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Disconnecting sessions

Hi, I have a stact of 2626 switches
Please find the attachment for better view

I have a problem for some users, there network connection is lost for a bit of second, and they are loosing their session. The switches are upto date with software updates.

The users lost their network drives, and for some users it recovers quickly and for some users its not.

These started happening from 2 weeks ago, there were no configuration changes in the network except the softare update whihc i did thinking this could resolve this issue, but still the problem occuring randomly
Jonathan Axford
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Re: Disconnecting sessions

Hi Mahender

What sits at the Core switches? are the server distributed accross these? Is there any Layer3 (Routing) going on?
What about STP? I have seen a misconfigured spanning tree causing these sort of problems on a network before...

Where there is a will there is a way...