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Does 5120-24G switch stack-able?

Occasional Contributor

Does 5120-24G switch stack-able?

Hi I need buy a switch with stack function.


In 5120-24G spec


I found a item "HP 3600 Switch SFP Stacking Kit JD324B",


Is it mean I need buy JD324B, If I want to stack two 5120-24G?


please advice..



Richard Brodie_1
Honored Contributor

Re: Does 5120-24G switch stack-able?

You'll need to say what you mean by 'stacking'. If you mean IRF, you can use any port on the 5120-24G SI; and as far as I can see, you'ld be mad to use a stacking kit when 0.5m of Cat 6 would do the job just as well.