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Does ProCurve 2510 Support Jumbo Frames?

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Sean Quint
Occasional Visitor

Does ProCurve 2510 Support Jumbo Frames?

I am looking into a ProCurve 2510 24 port Gigabit switch. I need to know whether this product supports Jumbo Frames and can't seem to determine that from the documentation available on the web. Can someone help me?

Many Thanks,
Javed Padinhakara
Respected Contributor

Re: Does ProCurve 2510 Support Jumbo Frames?

Hi Sean,

YES. 2510's support Jumbo Frames.
Here is the complete list of model's which support Jumbo Frame formats:

Core Switches:

â ¢Switch 9400sl series
â ¢Switch 9300M series (with EP Management Module(s) installed)
â ¢Switch 8212zl

Interconnect Fabric:

â ¢Switch 8100fl series


â ¢Switch 6200yl
â ¢Switch 6400cl series

Edge Switches:

â ¢Switch 5400zl series
â ¢Switch 3500yl series
â ¢Switch 3400cl series
â ¢Switch 2800 series
â ¢Switch 2900 series
â ¢Switch 2810 series
â ¢Switch 2610 series
â ¢Switch 2510 series

Web-Managed Switches

â ¢Switch 1800 series

Hope that helps.