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Doubling the switches/load balancing/redundancy

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Doubling the switches/load balancing/redundancy


I attached a ppt with my current switch configuration. As yoou can see there is almost no redundancy at all.

We have a second route to the internet and we use Cisco router with the BGP protocol with load balancing feature (dmzlink-bw) enabled. This is running without any problems. Also failover is running great.

Basically, I want to double all components within this setup. But I am not sure, whether this will work as presented on the powerpoint presentation.

Only 1 Cisco may load balance the routes for BGP, so only 1 is allowed to be active, so VRRP?

The goal is to load balance the traffic as far as possible, so both 6200yl, both firewalls,... should forward traffic.

I do not know whether this will work as supposed, so it would be great if you could give some hints, examples or links.

What could be done better?