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Doubt About - MSTP

Occasional Contributor

Doubt About - MSTP

Hi everyone,

I have a doubt about the Multiple Spanning-tree Protocol. I'm testing the RSTP in some switches but i don´t have anyone that supports MSTP, exept the core switch, but in this one i'm not going to test it.

I have to know, if i prioritize that some Vlans are going for one path and another Vlans in other path, and if one of this paths "broke", all vlans going for the other path?, the only path that is "alive"?
Olaf Borowski
Respected Contributor

Re: Doubt About - MSTP

RSTP is a single instance of spanning tree. You cannot load balance between switches.
MSTP allows you to "manually" loadbalance. If you have for example 2 instances, instance 1 with VLAN 1-10 and instance 2 with VLAN 11-20, you can make switch 1 root for instance 1 and backup for instance 2 and vise-versa. This way you manually balance traffic on those links. If either switch fails, they other one will take over.