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Downgrading Firmware

Occasional Contributor

Downgrading Firmware

Hi 2 all,

I've working with two 5406zl and were installed the IOS K.11.33. Ok... I've updated first to K.12.62, later to 13.71 and finally to K.14.60.

I've detected so many problems with the VRRP Protocol and so i downgrade to K.14.47 and the problem continued.

So i think to back to the first IOS K.11.33 downgrading step by step (14.47 .. 13.71 .. 12.62 .. 11.33) but this is imposible. Booting with the first downstep (13.71)give me this error:

ProCurve J8697A Switch 5406zl
Software revision K.13.68

System went down: 07/15/10 19:10:09
Saved crash information:
Software exception at exception.c:623 -- in 'mSnmpCtrl', task ID = 0x8887d30
-> Memory system error at 0x1 - memPartFree

Any idea? Many thanks in advance....

Jaap Laaij
Frequent Advisor

Re: Downgrading Firmware


At a client I've experienced an almost 100% cpu issue when upgrading to K.14.47 through K12.62 and K13.71.
In my case VRRP looked fine to me after reading the log. Is it just problems with VRRP or also other functions that gave off events?

Maybe its a long shot but could it be you have to use the startup file from before going to the next major upgrade.
Or worst case if its a long config start from scratch.

Greetz Jaap