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Duplicate Packet Responses

Kiwi Steve
Occasional Visitor

Duplicate Packet Responses


We're noticing unusual behaviour on one network which has recently had 3 x 5412's installed.

When we ping most hosts (including multihomed servers, laptops and desktops), we're getting mutliple replies back (from the same IP address).

Windows doesn't show the individual responses to the ping but we've used a unix box to generate the attachment. We don't see this on any other network in our infrastructure but none have 5412's and coincedence is a fine thing...

Can anyone shed some light on this?

Evert Goor
Trusted Contributor

Re: Duplicate Packet Responses

Take a look at the fix in K12.57:
Routing (PR_1000744325) â When a PC is using the switch as its default gateway, and
that switch is set with a default route to another device on the same VLAN, duplication of
packets may occur. Symptoms may include seeing TCP packets out of order due to

It solved for me some problems for 2 customers with simelair problems