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TJ Woods_1
Occasional Contributor


We just changed from a hub to a switch and now our HP Business Jet 2200 printer using a JetDirect 300x, is giving us this message: E:0128-0005-00005:0x6016-0x7aa8, and won't print. The printer works fine when connected directly to the computer. This is the second time this has happened to us on the same kind of setup. The first time we changed the external JetDirect 300x for a newer internal one, and that fixed it. Any ideas on what the problem is and how to fix it. We are running a W2k network w/a Cisco 3500 series switch. Thanks.
Cheryl Griffin
Honored Contributor

Re: E:0128-0005-00005:0x6016-0x7aa8

The message does not appear to be a generic error message but something specific to this setup.

If exchanging the unit corrected the problem, you have to wonder why it did:
was the 300x faulty? (we can rule this out since the printer works when hooked direct)
was the firmware needing to be upgraded?
configuration of the switch vs. the hub?

This sounds like a switch problem.

Here's a troubleshooting docplace to begin looking for a resolution is the configuration document "HP Jetdirect Print Servers - 300X, Hardware Installation" It should have a link to upgrade the firmware, in case this might still be an issue. has some settings when using switches and hubs. It also explains LEDs for the 300x and 500x products. Compare these to your LEDs.

This search site might help you further as well
Include keywords jetdirect 300x to narrow your search.

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