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Enabling routing on 4108gl switch

Henning Bostelmann
Occasional Visitor

Enabling routing on 4108gl switch

Hi all,

although there have been some similar postings here, I have two more questions about static IP routes on the Procurve 4108gl switch:

* How to enable (static) routing on the machine?

On the Procurve 2650, there is an entry "Enable IP Forwarding" in the "IP configuration" page of the menu interface. On the 4108gl here, this entry is missing. Also, there seems to be no CLI command to enable the router (or at least I didn't find any in the documentation).

* How to remove an entry from the routing table?

Adding it with "ip route x y z" works fine, but I wonder how to remove it afterwards. The CLI documentation does not list any command for that.

Am I possibly using an outdated firmware version?

(config)# show version
Image stamp: /sw/code/build/gamo(s02)
Apr 19 2002 12:09:33
Boot Image: Primary

Any hints?

Best regards
Ron Kinner
Honored Contributor

Re: Enabling routing on 4108gl switch

You need to run G.07.21 which you can get at:


At least G.07 is the version which claims to add the capability for 16 static routes. Get the latest version of HP ProCurve Series 4100GL Switches Management and Configuration Guide (Edition 4, December 2002) which came out at the same time as the new code so should be more uptodate.


My bet to remove a bad route (or any config command you don't like) would be simply adding a "no" in front of the command (when in Config mode). That's the Cisco standard and HP seems to use a lot of the same commands.

As for enabling IP routing it's probably on by default, but if not, try the cisco command

ip routing

(in global config mode).

Henning Bostelmann
Occasional Visitor

Re: Enabling routing on 4108gl switch

Hi Ron,

many thanks for your answer. The

no ip route

works fine. About the firmware update, version 07 seems to fix my problem according to the release notes, but I can tell you more exactly after I've found a maintenance window... phew...

Best regards
Henning Bostelmann
Occasional Visitor

Re: Enabling routing on 4108gl switch

After updating the switch firmware, routing worked without problems.

Thanks again.