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Error counters

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Teknisk Drift_1
Occasional Advisor

Error counters

This is from a port on a 2626:

FCS Rx : 4161
Alignment Rx : 4091
Runts Rx : 49
Giants Rx : 0
Total Rx Errors : 4521

Now, as far as I have understood, the "Total RX" should be the sum of the rest.

Anders :)
Ron Kinner
Honored Contributor

Re: Error counters

No. It's not the total because some bad packets get counted in more than one category.

What I suspect is causing your problem is a duplex mismatch on that port.

This end is set to full duplex and the other to half duplex or autonegotiate. Set both ends to Autonegotriate or set both ends to Full (or half if the other end can't do full) and the errors should stop.

Teknisk Drift_1
Occasional Advisor

Re: Error counters

Thanks, Ron.

It's correct that it's a duplex issue, but I didn't know the errors could be counted in different categories at the same time.

The on-board help text says that "Total" is the sum, so I assumed....

Good thing to know, though. It would mean, I guess, that I can see the /real/ number of errors, despite them being counted in different categories.