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Errors on E1 interface


Errors on E1 interface

Test_Lab#sh ver

ProCurve Secure Router 7203dl

SROS Version: J06.07.00

Checksum: 714D7D7E, built on: Mon Apr 09 09:39:36 2007

Boot ROM version J05.02

Checksum: D347, built on: Mon May 15 09:32:21 2006

Copyright (c) 2006-2005, Hewlett-Packard, Co.

Platform: ProCurve Secure Router 7203dl

Serial number US509TS083

Flash: 33554432 bytes DRAM: 268435455 bytes

System uptime is 5 days, 21 hours, 4 minutes, 53 seconds

Current system image: "J06_07_00.biz"

Current configuration-file: "startup-config"

Configured system image path:

Primary: "J06_07_00.biz"

Configured configuration-file path:

Primary: "startup-config"

Core: bufiddatapath.c#1749: AdFatal(freeb: bad db_ref StackTrc: 00010B8C 00010C2C 00005CD8 00006590 00355ED8 00359E84 00359DA4 00011CBC 00011E38 0000FA7C 00B8A7BC 00B8AB9C 00012DC4 00000000 ...)

I am getting above mentioned error (Core: bufidda ....) can any one help me what is that i tried all my option..


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