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Event Tab in PCM

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Jason Scott
Regular Advisor

Event Tab in PCM

There are two lots of Event tables, as far as I can see, in PCM. One accessed from the main dashboard window which shows all events. And one accessed from the device view. However I never see any events in the device view? Is this tab supposed to show events just related to the device selected? If not, it would be very handy if it did. It would also be handy if any of the traffic warning events displayed in the main event log also showed up in the device event log.
Steve Britt
Respected Contributor

Re: Event Tab in PCM


The device or device group selected in the navigation tree provides a context for which events are shown. So any events that were caused by the device will be displayed when that device is selected, and any events caused by devices within a group will be displayed when that group is selected.

I am guessing that the traffic events are sourced by the Traffic component of PCM, and hence that's why they're not showing up in a device or group selection context. When you select at a level above "Interconnect Devices" in the navigation tree that view encompasses events that were sourced by non-devices, such as components of PCM and its plugin applications.

I will pass the suggestion that we display traffic threshold violation in a device context back to the PCM development team for consideration.


Jason Scott
Regular Advisor

Re: Event Tab in PCM

Thanks for the clarification Steve. It would be great if it could be implemented. Looking forward to the next release of PCM.