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Event descriptions?

Regular Advisor

Event descriptions?

Should these event descriptons tell me anything?

2 1 0 1

21 18 0 18

I've seen a couple of others as well.
It's hard to correlate these directly between PCM+ and the ProCurve switch event logs, since timestamps are slightly different (PCM+ machine clock not synced..), and PCM+ doesn't seem to pick up all the log messages from the switches.
Les Ligetfalvy
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Event descriptions?

Could you give us a complete message example? Without looking up anything, I'm guessing that they are OIDs.

PCM does not show the payload time but rather the arrival time. I have been complaining about this for months both to division and the beta stream but so far have not received any reply. Setup a parallel TrapLog and/or SysLog receiver that shows you the entire payload and then you will be able to correlate the events with the switch logs. I would suggest though that you timesync all your switches and NMS boxes.
Regular Advisor

Re: Event descriptions?

Lack of time sync is just temporary, corrected next week, I hope.

What you see is the complete event, except for time stamp and IPs.
The messages came in relation to disabling and enabling some mesh ports.

I am guessing they are uninterpreted error codes, and was wondering whether there could be a list somwhere that I could look them up in.
Ralph Bean_2
Trusted Contributor

Re: Event descriptions?

Hello Anders -

Are these marked in the Event Log as warnings ("W"), informational ("I"), debug ("D"), etc?

It would be helpful if you could give us the entire Event Log message, verbatim.