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Excessive Broadcasts on port (2510G-24)

Kristian Zahra
Occasional Contributor

Excessive Broadcasts on port (2510G-24)

currently having an issue with one of the 2510G-24. We have a Linksys Access Point on Port 23, however it appears that the switch is dropping this port frequently as a result of:

Excessive Broadcasts on port 23

Can you please help me narrow this down

rick jones
Honored Contributor

Re: Excessive Broadcasts on port (2510G-24)

You will need to find some way to sniff the traffic arriving on port 23 - setup a monitor port connected to a system with a packet sniffer running - and see what sort of broadcasts and from there perhaps find their source and fix it.

That or disable the disable port on excessive broadcast functionality.

To find the manuals, you can start at www.hp.com, click on Support & Drivers and enter your switch model number and follow your nose from there.
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