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FC Switch only for SAN network?

Occasional Advisor

FC Switch only for SAN network?


My design configuration requires 2 FC links between two sites. The first is a SAN FC segment, and the other is the private LAN network, in which I need to link the Gigabit Ethernet network from Site A to Site B.

Would like to sak, is it possible to make use of use a network switch with 1 or 2 FC ports (at private LAN), link them to share the SAN FC segment link via the FC SAN switch?

Or do I have to use a dedicated link for the private LAN? Thanks for any advise.
Chris Stave

Re: FC Switch only for SAN network?

You will need two links and one switch for your fibre channel traffic and one for your ethernet traffic, as they are dealt with in completely different ways.

The easiest way to do this is to use two different pairs of fiber optic cable, but depending on the cost of the cable and other concerns, it might be worthwhile to see if you can share one cable run with CWDM -- I've never had to look into doing CDWM for anything, so I can't even say that using it for both would be a possibility, and it tends to be quite expensive, but might be an option for you.