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FCS Errors on HP 2626 (J4900B)

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FCS Errors on HP 2626 (J4900B)

Hi all,

At one of our customers we had to connect a new HP Procurve 2626 to an existing Avaya P332G-ML. Both were equiped with new 1000Base-SX SFP gbics.
The HP's uplink port immediately started showing FCS errors and has continued to do so ever since. The corresponding port on the Avaya shows no errors. There is no duplex mismatch, the connecting FO cable has been tested, the patchcords have been exchanged...
Any more ideas?

Matt Hobbs
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Re: FCS Errors on HP 2626 (J4900B)

Since it would be FCS Received errors, it implies that the traffic being sent from the Avaya is being corrupted at some point.

Try swapping the SFP's, try the SFP's in different ports, try swapping the fibre leads around so that what was TX becomes RX. Check that you don't have any single-mode cabling.