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FCS Rx Errors

Domenico Viggiani
Super Advisor

FCS Rx Errors

I have a Procurve 2824 connected by a fiber link to an HP9304 routing switch.
On the uplink port (24), I have frequent messages like this:
port 24-Excessive CRC/alignment errors

Port 24 counters are (some minutes after a reset):

Bytes Rx : 1,316,245,052
Bytes Tx : 871,443,774
Unicast Rx : 1,303,547
Unicast Tx : 934,382
Bcast/Mcast Rx : 22,668
Bcast/Mcast Tx : 141
FCS Rx : 576

It doesn't seem a hight ratio but peraphs zero should be better.

I have NOT latest firmware versions.
Mohieddin Kharnoub
Honored Contributor

Re: FCS Rx Errors


Just update the firmware, there was a counters bug and has been fixed with the newest firmware.

If you still getting that after a firmware update and reload, then check this:

Good Luck !!!
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