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FR switch and VLAN restriction

Shiraz Malik

FR switch and VLAN restriction

Hi all,
I have three questions, i hope somebody will get me few answers of those:

1. Is there any proCurve which can be configured as FR switch?
2. I need to restrict few VLANs from accessing others, is there any way to do it except from ACL?
3. Is there any ProCurve switch that supports proxy / http redirection for transparent proxy?

thanks in advance
Gonzo Granello
Valued Contributor

Re: FR switch and VLAN restriction

1. not that i know (no recent product)
2. pending on how many VLANs - managment VLANs are a easy way to do that
3. not to my knowledge

hope that helps

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Shiraz Malik

Re: FR switch and VLAN restriction

Any proCurve device that can be used to divide the bandwidth? If i want to allocate 128kbps to an interface, would it be possible?

Re: FR switch and VLAN restriction

2.) well forwarding between vlans is not automatically enabled. if you don't route between them or assign an IP interface to the switch in a vlan the raffic should be separated.

3.) this I would approach with the new secure router products. 5300 has afaik no http redirect. and the switches below have sure not. usually the http redirect is done by the device that implements your firewall / access control (refering to 2 were ACL would be the best method)

1.) FR ? Frame Relay ? not with ProCurve. Here again you should consider using the secure router products 7102 / 7202