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Failover switch config / 1810G-24

Frequent Advisor

Failover switch config / 1810G-24

Hi, all of my ESX servers and iSCSI storage devices have primary and standby NIC's so I would like to configure Two switches the same way. Switch01 would contain the primary NIC's and Switch02 would contain the standby NIC's.

1) If I were to configure two 1810G-24 switches with 2 VLAN's as shown in the attached graphic.
2) Then connect Switch01 to Switch02 via port 23 *tagged*

Would connecting Switch01 to Switch02 via port 23 enable the two switches to communicate and allow the traffic to pass? Would that config be sufficient if Switch01 were to fail?

By the way, Port 1 is the ISP drop and it only needs to communicate with the ESX server ports on VLAN 1 as defined in the graphic.

Any feedback is surely appreciated! Thoughts?