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Fault light on 4000M

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Fault light on 4000M

I am using a procurve 4000M with revision C.08.22. I recently had a problem with a workstation NIC driver causing excessive CRC errors. The problem was corrected and no new alert have been logged by the switch. I now notice the Fault light continues to blink along with a green fan light. First of all how do I reset or clear the orange fault light on the switch and second why does the green fan light blink? Not sure if I have a malfunctioning FAN.

Sean Black
Occasional Advisor

Re: Fault light on 4000M

Sounds like you have a bad fan with the fault light being on and the fan light blinking. To be sure, telnet to the switch (or connect to the console port) and check the event log for fan failure messages (they do NOT show up in the web interface).

I have had to change a couple of fan assemblies on the 4000M/8000M switches. It's not that bad to change although it does involve powering off the switch, removing the power supply (or supplies) as well as the first 2-3 cards.

Thankfully the HP Procurve line has a lifetime warranty and they will ship you off the replacement fan assembly (along with the replacement procedure). At least that was what they did the last time I have a fan fail.

Good luck.

Sean Black