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Fault tolerance on Proliant server with ProCurve Switches?


Fault tolerance on Proliant server with ProCurve Switches?

I need support for one at the Configuration for fault-tolerant server application.
We want the fault tolerance realize for for a HP Proliant server (DL360G3) to two HP ProCurve switches (member of mesh domain).

WIN 2003 server shall run on the server (1 NIC = 2 gigabits of ports Teaming ???)

How does the server have to be configured?
Need I same additional software, or driver?
How do the switches have to be configured?

Somebody can help me well, I am not the specialist for servers.



Re: Fault tolerance on Proliant server with ProCurve Switches?


http://h18004.www1.hp.com/products/servers/networking/teaming.html is a good place to start. It describes how Proliant's run Fault Tolerance.

The software that had to be loaded is is Compaq/HP Network teaming software that comes with the server (or you can download it from the website). You configure the server within this software.

If you are using... (see above webpage for these terms)
NFT- Network Fault Tolerance
TLB - Transmit Load Balancing
...then the switch does not need extra configuration (apart from the obvious of forcing it to the correct line speed to avoid auto negotiate errors)

For the following
SLB - Switch-assisted Load Balancing
You need to configure the trunks on the switch however if you are going to seperate switches (even in the same mesh domain) I do not think this type is possible (Can someone confirm this?)

All the above methods are fault tolerant BTW, they just vary in the amount of bandwidth you get to/from the server.

Hope this helps.