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Re: Faulty fan modules (530x)

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Faulty fan modules (530x)

If you didn't notice - the fan modules of the 5304 and 5308 have a tendency of failing. Since HP hasn't provided a spare part kit, you have to exchange the whole chassis, which can really be a pain. I think the reason is the second power-supply, that might squeeze the cable to the fan module if not installed with caution.

If you log in to a 530x that had a fan failure some time ago, it might not be showing in the log. There are no "show current alarms" - chassis failures are triggered towards syslog/snmptrap, and then forgotten.

So I made this script that scans all my 530x and list out fan status and serial number so it is easier to log a case at HP. I have attached it here if someone finds it useful.

Good luck :-)
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Re: Faulty fan modules (530x)

..oh, and I have the following files in /mibs/hp/fan to make everything run smoothly:

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Re: Faulty fan modules (530x)

On HP switches you have the possibility to query the SNMP variables via the CLI command walkmib.


ProCurve 5304XL # walkmib
hpicfSensorIndex.1 = 1
hpicfSensorIndex.2 = 2
hpicfSensorIndex.3 = 3
hpicfSensorObjectId.1 = icfFanSensor
hpicfSensorObjectId.2 = icfPowerSupplySensor
hpicfSensorObjectId.3 = icfPowerSupplySensor
hpicfSensorNumber.1 = 1
hpicfSensorNumber.2 = 1
hpicfSensorNumber.3 = 1
hpicfSensorStatus.1 = 4
hpicfSensorStatus.2 = 5
hpicfSensorStatus.3 = 4
hpicfSensorWarnings.1 = 0
hpicfSensorWarnings.2 = 0
hpicfSensorWarnings.3 = 0
hpicfSensorFailures.1 = 0
hpicfSensorFailures.2 = 0
hpicfSensorFailures.3 = 0
hpicfSensorDescr.1 = Fan Sensor
hpicfSensorDescr.2 = Power Supply 2 Sensor
hpicfSensorDescr.3 = Power Supply 1 Sensor

Now you know that the status is 4. But you need to translate that.

When looking in the hpicfChassis MIB you find the following:

hpicfSensorStatus OBJECT-TYPE
MAX-ACCESS read-only
STATUS current
"Actual status indicated by the sensor."
::= { hpicfSensorEntry 4 }

=> the fan status is good

I know that is not easy but possible ;-)
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Re: Faulty fan modules (530x)

I know - but why would I do that instead of using a script? I still have to check the MIB file, and I'd say my way is somewhat easier.
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Re: Faulty fan modules (530x)

Thanks alot for the above, I put the following into WhatsUp Gold SNMP sensors

Fan sensor status

power supply 1 :

power supply 2 :

If the value changes I get an alert