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Feature Requests

Jason Scott
Regular Advisor

Feature Requests

Having made a move from Cisco to HP Procurve there are some features that would be nice to see. The intent would not be to make Procurve products more Cisco like as their differences are what make them better (imho). The idea is to make them more intuitive and usable. Some of these might be easy. Others probably quite difficult to implement.

* Clear historical statistics without needing a reboot. Current clear statistics works for the active console/telnet session only.

* Changes to meshed ports to not require a reboot.

* show environmental command. Currently you cannot find out the operating temperature or even power supply status of your chassis's without physically looking at the devices.

* More in depth debugging and or show output information across the switch. For instance show trunk is limited to ports taking part and the mode they are operating in. It would be nice to be able to drill down to see conversation pairs.

What other features would you like to see?
Bjorn Tore Paulen
Frequent Advisor

Re: Feature Requests

It would be nice if the log wasn't cleared during boot.

Also the rate-limit function is something I would see on more products (2626 for instance), and that it in fact would work as described. It does certainly not.

AOL on the debugging.

The way the MAC-address table is designed (one table per switch) and 802.1q is implemented (always 802.1q info, even when untagged) keeps making it difficult to interconnect Cisco and HP products. Which, of course, the majority of our customers use.