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Fiber link problem


Fiber link problem

I'm trying to troubleshoot a ProCurve 2910al issue with a GBIC transceiver. Actually, I tried the GBIC with a 2910al 24G PoE, and a 2910al 48G. At the other end I have a 3com 4200G.

I have a suspicion that the problem is because the GBIC is a non-HP GBIC. But if that's the case, would I see any errors in the log? Because I get a GBIC inserted entry in the log, but no errors.

But I don't get a link. The fiber itself tests out fine.

But what was puzzling was that I couldn't get the link up even with a ProCurve-to-ProCurve, or 3com-to-Linksys configuration. So that speaks against it being a vendor lock-in issue.

I hope the GBIC itself isn't faulty...

Re: Fiber link problem

It's amazing what a good night's sleep can do after a long day...

Turns out the other GBIC is SX type and other LX. Duh! No wonder it doesn't work...