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Fiber optic connection for Switch HP J9030A

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Fiber optic connection for Switch HP J9030A

Sorry for my bad English ...


The switch in question is this HP

J9030A - 4208



I have two switches that I should connect with each other in optical fiber, fiber connectors that I have at the moment are the old sc.


Question 1 ....I use to connect the 4-port minigbc / SFP that are on top of the switch? The accessory that I need is this?



Question 2 ...... But having fiber connectors sc in that depart from the patch panel round (do not know the code I think it is st multimode duplex?) There are patches that start and end the round connector into the connector of the new adapters?


Add the two offices connected fiber are less than 500 meters.


thanks to all


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Re: Fiber optic connection for Switch HP J9030A

Your links don't work for me.


I assume your GBIC module is a J8776A.


You need 1 Gb SX SFP, and an LC - SC fibre patch lead.