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Finally got Traffic Monitor to Work!!!


Finally got Traffic Monitor to Work!!!

Hi there,

There've been a lot of posts in here regarding Traffic Monitor in PCM/PCM Plus. I was one of the frustrated users who simply couldn't get it working.

But today I succeeded. Earlier I did what everybody told me - which was using the "public" SNMP community whether or not you liked it (security-wise).
I then tried to add a "private" community also, and BANG it worked.
I should add though, that I've configured the default SNMP read/write communities in PCM to public/private, so this just adds another question....

Do you think that the Traffic Monitor is really just looking at the default SNMP values, and not the ones configured for the specific device? If so, would it be possible to use different community names hence add more security, and get it working?

I will try this myself when I get time, thought I would just share my thoughts.

Marc Villeneuve_1
Regular Advisor

Re: Finally got Traffic Monitor to Work!!!

If you want, you can configure each device with his own SNMP PW. Juste click on the device in the Interconnect Devices and chose the Key button (Set SNMP Community names).
You cans do it in "Bath" also by selecting mutiple device befor clicking the button!

Wish that help!
Mohamed Hamedi
Respected Contributor

Re: Finally got Traffic Monitor to Work!!!

In PCM 1.5 you are now not restricted to the public/private community names, you are able to use what ever you want.