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Firmware updates on Brocade A7534A fiber switches

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Firmware updates on Brocade A7534A fiber switches


I'm currently trying to ensure all the lab equipment is fully up to date, and we have quite a few P-Class servers that have two Brocade A7534A Fiber Switches a piece. There's no virutal connect, and the only way I understand I can update them is using the serial console cable.

Hyperterminal is set up on a HP blade running server 2003 standard sp2, using a usb -> serial connector.

If I connect the other end into one of our cisco routers, it works fine, get all the nice prompts for login into the switch>.

But when I move the cable over to the brocades, it just kind of falls on it's face, I get no data, not even jibberish output.

Any suggestions to what the issue is?